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We are fortunate to have the guidance of a talented and committed Advisory Board. Our board sets the agenda for all of our events, selecting top-tier speakers and thought leaders to examine the most important industry topics.


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Welcome to the CTO Forum. We enable technology and business leaders at the highest levels to network, explore topics of mutual interest, share knowledge and forge solutions that are critical to the industry - all within a trusted, non-commercial environment that only an independent, non-profit organization can provide.

The powerful collaboration and dialogue that occurs at each of the CTO Forum events is extended here on our community website, where our members are encouraged to contribute opinions, thoughts and ideas. Please note that full access to this website is provided only to our members, though all non-member visitors may peruse upcoming events and learn more about membership.



In 2005, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Basheer Janjua recognized that the biggest business challenge on a global scale, was that of maintaining consistent growth along with differentiated innovation. In examining this problem, it was obvious that a significant gap existed: Fundamentally, there was lack of cross-industry thought leadership and collaboration. Thus, Janjua set about to create a one-of-a-kind platform to enable thought leadership and collaboration to address this challenge and founded the CTO Forum.

Founded on this concept of a collaborative think tank comprised of leading executives, the CTO Forum supports businesses at large. It is dedicated to the premise that it is smart innovation, not financial engineering, which acts as the wellspring of competitive differentiation, industry leadership and positioning for long-term success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. Clearly, incremental advances are no longer enough yet market-share degradation is not inevitable, and through a considered, holistic vision, Janjua and the CTO Forum are committed to the belief that brilliant innovation can and will propel companies to the forefront of industry. Designed to re-energize and re-vitalize top executives, the elite CTO Forum programs inspire new dialogue and empower innovative breakthrough solutions.

With no commercial or profit-driven agenda, the CTO Forum is the only truly independent forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst industry’s most senior leaders. Company pitches and product spiels are not allowed - just in-depth discussions about the most important topics facing the industry. In addition, the CTO Forum is a place for sharing “lessons learned” in equal measure to promoting successes – all in the spirit of collective learning and growth.

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The CTO Forum holds several different types of events for its members each year, which are designed to explore industry landscapes, taking a "deep dive” approach to analyzing technology and leadership challenges with preeminent executives and subject matter experts. Learn more about our upcoming CTO Forum events, and explore previous events.